"Just the best – We had a great time! We will be back again!!"



"We all had a great time there during drop in open play, looking at having my childs birthday there later in the year."



"I would recommend a party here to all my friends and family."



"This place is GREAT!!"



"The price is very reasonable, in fact, I gotta tell you, I'd pay more. This place is really wonderful."



"My boys had a blast"



"Great place, summer or winter, and fun. Clean, age divided (special section for under 5, so the big kids don't bug the little ones. love it!!! Nice people, overall very good experience, and my almost 4 years old loved it!!! Will be back there!"



"No. 1. Cost – Better than taking the grand kids to the movies. Plus they get exercise and lots of laughs, as do I. No. 2. Location – quiet, low traffic safe location. .No. 3. Parking – Lots of available parking in the lot or on the street. No. 4. Adult fun – If you enjoy watching the kids have a great time, here is a place to go. They may perspire, but that's what exercise is all about and if you want to perspire, join them. I did and had a great time"



"We had a great time Saturday. Can't wait to come back."



"It is always clean. We did my daughters birthday party there today and it was awesome."



"With two young, very active kids we frequent this place quite a bit. Its a great place to burn off some serious energy!! The price is very reasonable and I always find the staff very friendly. We recently brought some friends with us when they were visiting and they loved it. Everything is inflatable and soft so I always feel the kids are safe running around here. Oh and also I should mention there is a little area specifically for the younger toddlers- where everything is on a smaller scale for the little ones."



"Great place, kids LOVED it!! Love that there is a special "little" area for my toddler to play!"

Desi G.


"My toddler and his friends had so much fun today!"



"Went here for a birthday party and my 3 year old LOVED it!! The slides were awesome and she had a total blast running around. The owners and the staff are top notch. I can't wait to take her over for a drop in day soon. It's an especially awesome indoor playground for the kids."



"This is a wonderful place for kids! My daughter (3 1/2) loves it here. There is such a need for this in our area. We have no where for our kids to play that's safe! The inflatables are great fun. It's very reasonably priced as well."



"A family-run and family-friendly business! An area for under 5 year olds guarantees a safer play space for the little ones. The new big-kid slides are so much fun for kids and grown ups! They have good savings packages and specials through their Facebook page. I highly recommend it any time of the year. If you bring your socks you can chase them around too and it's way funnier that doing a treadmill at the gym!"



"Took my two kids 2 and 15 months for open play and it was awesome! The staff was so helpful they even took my little one up the big slide since she couldn't pull herself up the steps. Kids had a great time. I think I'll do a birthday here for sure."



"This is a great place to take your kids. Had a birthday party there recently for my toddler and all the kids had a blast. Very clean, good customer service. Prices for parties vary depending on the day so you can save money that way if you need to. We've been here on several occasions and my children have always had a great time. "

EducationNation G


"Had a great time. Thank you."



"I thought I'd write a comprehensive review about this place since I bring my 4 yr old daughter here about once a month now for the past 6 months. Unfortunately, the happy customers don't log on to yelp much to review as much as the unhappy or nut jobs-that's human nature for you. This place is a little off the between path but is reasonably priced at $7. I love bringing her here because she gets her work out for about an hour and has a great time! The noise level was normal, not obnoxiously loud or anything like that. We just came from there tonight and it was not loud at all only music playing. Upon entering, you sign in, and there's an area for your child to place their shoes before entering. Make sure to bring socks for your child if not you can purchase one there. They have sell snacks and drinks if your child gets hungry. The prices are very reasonable also. When we are done, she always has me buy her the Capri's drink. The staff has always been friendly towards me. (I’m an overprotective dad so I’m always worried of older kids running into my daughter at Chuckee Cheese) and some times a parent's worse nightmare. At this place, the average age of the kids that I have seen is about 2-9 which I'm comfortable with, although its open to all ages . I see kids having a blast, while the parents get to relax. I see a lot of small groups of young mothers and expectant mothers hanging out together, treating this place like an indoor park while watching their kids have fun!"



“So much to do there!”

“I just had to write a review. My son and I attended a childs birthday party at Kids Party Central, 327 O’Hair Court, Santa Rosa and I have to admit, we had a blast! The staff were wonderful, the facility was very clean and the kids and the parents had a blast! We loved the rock climbing wall, huge inflatable slide and other structures and the parents were having as much fun as the kids! I totally recommend this facility for your childs birthday party, it was wonderful!
Pros: The kids do not get bored as there is so much to do there!”



“The party was wonderful”

“I attended a party with my son at Kids Party Central and had the best time I have ever experienced at a party place. The adults had as much fun as the kids! The rock wall was great, all the adults joined in the fun zipping down the huge inflatable slid, running around, it was hard to tell the kids from the adults! The staff were fantastic, the facility was clean and the party was wonderful. I can’t rave enough about the place, its a new business and what an addition to kids party places in Santa Rosa!!!!”



“The staff are so helpful”

What a wonderful party place, there is so much for the kids to do! The staff are so helpful and clearly love the kids! All the areas are clean and bright. My son had a blast, he said it was the best birthday place he has been to, so well worth the money! There is a photo gallery on the website, come on local people help support this business so we don’t lose yet another great kids place.



“The party was awesome”

“We had our sons party here, the kids loved it! The party was awesome, the help was great and the kids were totally tired when i got them home. Thanks for a great party!”



“Great place for all ages!”

“Great place for all ages! We had a combo birthday party for our 5yr old son and 9yr old daughter, and everyone was very happy. The toddler section was perfect for the little ones and of course the main area was perfect for the older kids. There were enough activities to keep the kids busy. The staff was great! From the front desk to the young lady who attended our party was excellent. She got room ready and assisted with serving the kids and cleaned up. The kids loved her too because she was so sweet the the little ones.
I would definitely recommend Kids Party Central to all!”



“Grandaughter’s Party”

“My granddaughter had her birthday party at Kids Party Central and it was GREAT. The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. Extremely friendly and helpful staff. I appreciated the cleanliness of the facility. Having hand sanitizer available for the guests an added plus.”



“My kids have so much fun”

“My kids have so much fun every time I take them to Kids Party Central! It is totally worth the money and the staff is super nice. The owner takes pride in making kids and parents happy. It’s a clean environment for kids to play in with so much to do. Open play times are so much fun and will be attending my first kids birthday party there this month and my kids can’t wait! Would recommend this place to anyone that wants to take their kids to have a good time.



“Very nice place”

“Very nice place. The owners are very nice and extremely accommodating. Trusting that my son will have a great time at his 1st birthday as there is a TODDLER AREA PERFECT FOR LITTLE ONES!! Looking forward to my sons 1st birthday party there next weekend :)”



“It’s always clean!”

“I’ve been coming to the open play sessions for about a yr now and always have a great time, my kids love this place! I love the fact that it’s always clean (surprising being that it’s a children’s facility) rules are always enforced by staff in a friendly manor so it’s always safe. I just think if u haven’t been you should really try to make it to one of their open play sessions. Because of my schedule I normally go to the morning session but I’ve been to a few evening times and we had a blast and seen some older children which would normally be in school.”



“Kids Party Central has been ROCKIN’ “

“Kids Party Central has been ROCKIN, we have been coming here regularly since they opened last summer 2007. We have attended two birthdays here, and we just booked my son’s 5th birthday party for next month. The staff is friendly and there are activities for ages 1 and up”



“What a great gift for me!”

I made the hubby watch the kids while I chatted. hehe! What a great anniversary gift for me!



“The best place in the area!”

“I had my kids birthday party at Kids Party Central and have attended a couple of other parties there as well. My experience has always been fantastic. Staff do a great job making the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable for parents, and the kids have loads of fun too. This is by far the best place in the area!”